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The Intentionality of Family Worship – AiG

Every aspect of our lives as believers requires the full counsel of God. This certainly applies to worship. Those who would worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).  The whole bible is His truth to … Continue reading

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A Neglected Tool in Modern Reformation – Jerry Marcellino

A Neglected Tool in Modern Reformation – Family Worship by Pastor Jerry Marcellino (to F.I.R.E. pastors) The work of reforming Christ’s church will be our calling until the end of history.1  This was the conviction of our reformed forefathers and must … Continue reading

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From Age to Age: A Biblical Framework for Family Worship – Ray Rhodes

Family worship embraces a multigenerational view of family life with a vision to learn of God’s faithfulness from ages past, invest biblical truth in the present age with an eye to the future age. The Hebrew view of family life … Continue reading

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Equipped to Lead (excerpt) – J. Mark Fox

Men, we are to be the ones who, more than anyone else, teach God’s Word to our families. Think about it. I get one hour a week as a pastor to teach God’s Word to the people of Antioch Community … Continue reading

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The Essential 100 Challenge (E 100) – from Scripture Union

First steps.  One of the most effective ways to grow as a Christian is by reading and reflection on the scriptures.    For families, time spent reading the Bible at home blesses your family.   Why not begin on January … Continue reading

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On Family Worship – Ted Tripp

In my library I have a book by an obscure puritan minister, Philip Henry. The book, Christ All in All, extols all that Christ is to the believer. You may have never heard of Philip Henry,but you may know of … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Pastors regarding Family Worship Month – Joel R. Beeke

As goes the home, so goes the church, and so goes the nation. Therefore it is of vital importance to us that we, the ministers of the Word, promote family worship in our congregations. Of course, family worship is not … Continue reading

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