The Reformation and Family Worship – Ray Rhodes

The Reformation era left a rich legacy of family worship. The goal of family worship is for you and your family to be exposed to the character of God so that you may know and worship HIm. Family worship involves regular family gatherings and will always include Scripture readings and prayer. However, you may also use other material that will help you to focus on the great work of God throughout history. Remember, as the Puritans taught, your home is a “little church” where Christ is to be worshipped. The little church does not replace the local church; however, faithfulness in family worship will greatly enhance the congregational worship of God. Continue reading

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The Heart of Family Reformation – Jim Elliff

When our children were younger we began the day with the hymn we are currently memorizing. When Laura was five, she sang for all of us the second verse of “I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord” by the Yale president of the late 1700s, Timothy Dwight. With a determined look, she sang out,

I love Thy church, O God.
Her walls before Thee stand.
Dear as the apple of Thine eye,
And gravy on Thy hand.
My boys collapsed on the floor with laughter. The word is “graven!”

I value family worship, not only because it is sometimes humorous, but because it is glue that holds families together, stimulus for some the family’s best discussions, and provides real strength for family member’s lives—it can become the heart, in fact, of family reformation. Continue reading

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Simplify Family Worship – Don Whitney

A man who is like a spiritual father to me began what he called a “family altar” with his
wife before they were married, and has faithfully continued the practice through the
arrival of children and grandchildren for more than fifty years. Sadly, it seems that few
men among even the best evangelical churches today could speak of daily family
worship in their home. In the minds of some, active church involvement eliminates the
need for family worship. For others, Bible reading, prayer, and singing praises to God
together as a family have been crowded out by the television, the Internet, and a non-
stop schedule that makes even meals together a rarity. Continue reading

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Implementing Family Worship – Joel Beeke

Here are some suggestions to help you establish God-honoring Family Worship in your homes. We trust this avoids two extremes: an idealistic approach that is beyond the reach of even the most God-fearing home, and a minimalist1 approach that abandons daily Family Worship because the ideal seems so out of reach.

Prepare for Family Worship
Even before Family Worship begins, we should privately pray for God’s blessing upon that worship. Then we should plan for the what, where, and when of Family Worship.

Continue reading

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Family Worship – Terry Johnson

Let us assume for a moment that we all understand that the Bible commands that we conduct daily worship in homes. This was certainly the conviction of previous generations. For example, the Westminster Confession of Faith teaches that worship is to be conducted “in private families daily” (XXI. 6), and the Church of Scotland included in its editions of the Westminster Standards a Directory for Family Worship, its General Assembly even mandating disciplinary action against heads of households who neglected “this necessary duty.” Indeed, many of our Reformed forefathers believed in and practiced family worship twice daily (following the pattern of the morning and evening sacrifice). Family worship, they all assumed, was vital to the spiritual development of both parents and children.

Continue reading

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The Christian Home and Family Worship – Steve Demme

eBook – The Christian Home and Family Worship

Big Rocks ……………………………………………3
Our Recipe for Family Worship ………………10
Potential Obstacles ……………………………..65
What Other Families Have Done …………….86

An address given at a time management workshop
It was a packed house and the noisy audience fell silent as the speaker walked to the platform carrying a two-gallon glass jar and plunked it down heavily on the lectern. From beneath the lectern he pulled out a pail filled with big rocks. Placing several of the large rocks in the glass jar until the last one was level with the top of the jar, he leaned into the microphone for the first time and in a booming voice asked, “Can anyone tell me if this jar is full?”

A voice near the front quickly replied, “If it won’t hold any more rocks then it is full.” The speaker responded, “Is it?” as he pulled out another pail from beneath the lectern that contained gravel. Pouring the gravel into the jar and shaking it into place around the big rocks, he once again asked, “Is the jar full now?” Thinking they might have been the victims of a setup, the audience’s only reply this time was a few chuckles and a general murmur of speculation.

“Aha, you’re not so sure now, are you?” asked the speaker. Continue reading

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The Family Worship Book – Terry L. Johnson

Do you struggle to provide enjoyable, meaningful and spiritual times of family devotions?  Have you nagging thoughts that you should be doing something about it?

Here is the solution, a book that will give you the impetus to start and the means to follow through.

It answers 4 key Questions –  Continue reading

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