The Christian Home and Family Worship – Steve Demme

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Big Rocks ……………………………………………3
Our Recipe for Family Worship ………………10
Potential Obstacles ……………………………..65
What Other Families Have Done …………….86

An address given at a time management workshop
It was a packed house and the noisy audience fell silent as the speaker walked to the platform carrying a two-gallon glass jar and plunked it down heavily on the lectern. From beneath the lectern he pulled out a pail filled with big rocks. Placing several of the large rocks in the glass jar until the last one was level with the top of the jar, he leaned into the microphone for the first time and in a booming voice asked, “Can anyone tell me if this jar is full?”

A voice near the front quickly replied, “If it won’t hold any more rocks then it is full.” The speaker responded, “Is it?” as he pulled out another pail from beneath the lectern that contained gravel. Pouring the gravel into the jar and shaking it into place around the big rocks, he once again asked, “Is the jar full now?” Thinking they might have been the victims of a setup, the audience’s only reply this time was a few chuckles and a general murmur of speculation.

“Aha, you’re not so sure now, are you?” asked the speaker.

“Well, how about now? Is it finally full?” he asked as he once again pulled out another pail and poured sand into the remaining space in the glass jar. This time the audience was quick to toss out several affirmative retorts. “Well now,” said the speaker, “let’s just check.” This time he took out a pail of water and poured it into the glass jar. “Is it full now?” he asked one final time. This time there was no doubt, and the audience was united in its proclamation that the jar was indeed full. “Well, you are quite right,” said the speaker. “The jar is, in fact, completely 100 percent full. Now, can anyone tell me what the moral of this story is?”

From the center of the room a woman stood and, in a strong and confident voice, said, “If you were organized and planned well, you could always fit more activities into your day or week no matter how busy your schedule was.” Now the audience was abuzz with general agreement when the speaker brought them back to reality by saying,

“While that might be a very noble possibility, it is not the moral of this story. Does anyone else have any ideas?” Following a few moments of relative silence, the speaker scanned the audience and said, “My dear friends, the moral of this story is this: if you don’t get the big rocks in first, you won’t get them in at all.” He continued by saying, “In each of our lives we only have so much time.

My challenge to you today is this: identify the big rocks in your life and make sure that you get them into the jar first each and every day.”

For my wife Sandi and me, our big rock was to raise our children to live forever. Eternity is a long time. Perhaps a better word than raising our children is discipling our children. Discipleship has several components: prayer, modeling, and teaching. Only God can work in the heart of a child, but we believe it is our responsibility as parents to do our part and work with God by praying for their
personal salvation, teaching them the eternal Word of God, and living out our faith in front of them.

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