The Family Worship Book – Terry L. Johnson

Do you struggle to provide enjoyable, meaningful and spiritual times of family devotions?  Have you nagging thoughts that you should be doing something about it?

Here is the solution, a book that will give you the impetus to start and the means to follow through.

It answers 4 key Questions – 

  • What is Family Worship?
  • What have other people done?
  • Why should I do it?
  • How can I start?
Terry Johnson has provided us a superb resource for family religion.  Johnson provides a brief but compelling argument for the importance of family worship, but then takes those he has convinced in theory to the next step: actually putting it into practice!  In a day and age when family worship is a rarity, and in which parents who are called to lead in it are not likely to have had personal experience of it in their own upbringing, Johnson’s book will prove to be an invaluable aid.  May the Lord use this book to bring about a revival of family worship in our land.”
 – J. Ligon Duncan, 1st Presbyterian Church, Jackson MS
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